Kinyinya Building Progess

Our main aim for 2018 is to get started the building of a new dormitory with toilets for the girls

The work is starting.   Now the rain has stopped the foundations are going to be dug by the local people. later this month.   Some initial hardcore and bricks have been purchased and delivered and work will commence once more has been obtained.

Achieved to date at Kinyinya

  1. One complete Accommodation hall for deaf girls and boys (2003-2005)
  2. Two Classroom blocks (2004)
  3. Installation of two large water tanks (2006)
  4. Five complete Classroom blocks and an office (2008)
  5. Two Units of teachers House (2008)
  6. Dining Hall and kitchen (2012)
  7. Vocation Learning centre (2014)
  8. Connection to electricity supply and supply of computer (2016)
  9. Supply of motorbike to help school governors travel to raise funds (2017)


Also the vocational technology block is nearly finished.
Almost completed Dining Room Dec 2012

Fantastic, and the windows are in.

Muju Paul inspecting the Dining Room July 2012

July 2012 and the roof is on at last.   Some trouble with builders delayed progress, but all resolved now.

Discussion break for builders


January 2012

Work is at last underway and we are aiming to have the building completed to roof stage very soon.