Kinyinya Building Progess

Our main aim for 2019 is to continue the building of a new dormitory with toilets for the girls, with the target of trying to get the walls and roof finished this year

Recent work has seen the foundations compacted and getting ready for the start of building walls.

Achieved to date at Kinyinya

  1. One complete Accommodation hall for deaf girls and boys (2003-2005)
  2. Two Classroom blocks (2004)
  3. Installation of two large water tanks (2006)
  4. Five complete Classroom blocks and an office (2008)
  5. Two Units of teachers House (2008)
  6. Dining Hall and kitchen (2012)
  7. Vocation Learning centre (2014)
  8. Connection to electricity supply and supply of computer (2016)
  9. Supply of motorbike to help school governors travel to raise funds (2017)
  10. Start foundation work for new girls dormitory (2018)
  11. Complete foundation and walls of the new dormitory (2019-20)
  12. Successfully drill a well for water (2020)

Foundation slab completed

Foundation work at different stages